Controller Service

  • Vance & Associates, CPA, P.C.

As part of this service, you will be assigned an entire team. Your team will consist of a controller, a senior accountant, and a tax specialist. Your primary contact that will be leading analysis and planning will be the controller. The controller’s role is to listen, share, and be a part of the major decisions of the company (especially those that deal with finances). The controller provides the financial statements, any job costing analysis, and a limited-scope forecast.

Generally, there are at least two required meetings per month with leadership. The first meeting is dedicated to covering forecast updates/changes. The second meeting is dedicated to discussing the prior month’s financial performance and new alignment of the goals that we collectively set.

Depending upon the additional services that you have selected the senior accountant will be managing your internal bookkeeping team or our own to ensure financial statement accuracy. In essence the senior accountant handles most of the day-to-day type questions, however he/she will be heavily assisting with analysis and planning. The senior accountant will be able to easily step in and cover for the controller during vacations or other outages.

The tax specialist is primarily behind the scenes and will periodically pop in as advanced tax topics arise or toward the end of the year when we begin to ratchet down the tax planner. The tax specialist will be consulting with the controller throughout the year on tax projections to advise on the amount of money to be set aside so there are no surprises at the end of the year.